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Wet Mix Macadam Plants

Overview of Wet Mix Macadam Plant :


Cold Aggregate Bin Feeders

The bins are designed & welded with M.S Structure chassis and M.S. Plate hopper Body. The bins are fitted with adjustable calibrated gate openings and variable speed drives for total proportionate control and accuracy of operations. Well-designed gathering conveyor transports the material with a uniform speed to the slinger conveyor.

Water Tank & Metering

The water tank has adequate surge capacity, a self-priming pump, control valve and spray bar with water flow meter for accurate metering.

Oversize Removal Vibratory Screen Unit

Any oversize material, detrimental for the heating and mixing thermodrum internals, are screened out ensuring better performance and safety of the plant.

pug mill image

Pug Mill Unit

The twin shaft pug mill design provides fast, continuous and homogeneous mixing of aggregate and additives. The shafts are mounted on heavy duty anti-friction bearings for smooth functioning and extended life. The alloy steel paddle arms and tips ensures a long life. The liner plates are corrosion and abrasion resistant.

storage silo image

Storage Silo

The Storage Silo is rigid, easy to erect. Hydraulically operated gates facilitate quick discharge of mix material into the trucks without segregation.

Controls & Automation

Fully computerized latest AC drive technology PLC module software based controls are a standard on all WM series plants.