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Asphalt Drum Mix Plants

Overview of Asphalt Drum Mix Plant :

We are constantly upgrading our technology and products in a systematic way to produce high quality Asphalt Plants. We offer customers the latest technical solution, with latest generation process control excellent maintenance access and automation together with total installation and site support.


Cold Aggregate Bin Feeders

The bins are designed & welded with M.S Structure chassis and M.S. Plate hopper Body. The bins are fitted with adjustable calibrated gate openings and variable speed drives for total proportionate control and accuracy of operations. Well-designed gathering conveyor transports the material with a uniform speed to the slinger conveyor.

Continuous Electronic Belt Weighing System

The feedback from the load cell is processed by the PLC, which further automatically controls and processes the bitumen and filler proportioning.

Oversize Removal Vibratory Screen Unit

Any oversize material, detrimental for the heating and mixing thermodrum internals, are screened out ensuring better performance and safety of the plant.


Thermodrum Unit

Thermodrum unit is the main and the important part of the drum mix plant. Our R&D team developed latest internal flight design and heat transfer technology to get finest asphalt mix with lower fuel consumption. Burner, rotary drum, discharge chamber, primary dust collector and exhaust unit are mounted in-line on a robust structure fabricated from heavy duty structural steel. The drum is driven by heavy duty chain, trunnion rollers coupled to geared motor. Preciously machined and surface hardened trunnion rollers & thrust wheels supports the drum and takes care of up-hill and down-hill thrust. Primary dust collector traps the heavy duty particles escaping with the exhaust.



The high pressure atomized, fully automatic burner unit is reputed for fuel efficiency and high safety standards.


Bitumen Heating & Storage System

Direct and hot oil heated bitumen storage tanks with capacities ranging from 15 to 30 tons are available. The direct heating tanks are supplied with B40 automatic pressure burner. The indirect heating tanks are supplied with a thermic oil heater. The tanks are covered with glass wool insulation.

Bitumen Transfer System

A high capacity jacketed gear pump, controlled by an AC variable speed drive feeds the metered amount of bitumen into the mixing section of the thermodrum. The fully automatic control panel ensures a precise metering of bitumen.


Control Panel

Fully computerized latest AC drive technology PLC module software based controls are a standard on all DM series plants. Totalizer displays all the set parameters like aggregate, bitumen & filler percentage, asphalt & filler flow in kg/min, asphalt temperature and output mix temperature.