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Key Features

At Vibrant, we manufacture Asphalt Batch Mix Plants of the following capacities

1. VBP 1500

(Capacity 120 TPH)

2. VBP 2000

(Capacity 160 TPH)

3. VBP 2500

(Capacity 200 TPH)

Key Features of Vibrant Asphalt Batch Mix Plant :

Pug Mill Mixer

Vibrant has adopted international design of Twin shaft pug make Rossi planetary twin gear box protects from any damage. Both gear boxes are synchronized by servo inset coupling.

Skid Mounted Mixing Tower

Vibrant Mixing Tower is equipped with sturdy skid which saves costly RCC foundation. The Tower rests on PCC work only.

Bigger Hot Bin

New design of hot bin increases storage capacity and extra wide gate ensures free fall of aggregates which will reduce batch time.

Gate Cylinder are in open atmosphere.

Piston rods are not subjected to high temperature.

No possibility of damaging pneumatic cylinder seal kit.

Cylinders are fitted with cone clamping device with radial gate arm.

Weighing Hopper is open with Double Cylinder which prevents the jamming problem.

Bitumen Pumping station with three way valve at ground level.

Easy for maintenance work and no return line to tanks.