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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Overview of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant :

Following are the components of a standard Asphalt Batch Mix Plant.

Cold Aggregate Four Bin Feeder

The four bins feeder for cold aggregate are well moulded and designed with M.S Structure Chasis and M.S Plate Hopper body.These bins are designed in such a way that they allow free flow of aggregates inside the bins without sticking to the edges.The bins have well calibrated gate openings and the variable speeds enable proportionate control and accuracy of operations.Well-designed gathering conveyor transports the material with a uniform speed to the slinger conveyor.


Oversize Removal Vibratory Screen Unit

Any oversize material, detrimental for the heating and mixing thermo drum internals, are screened out ensuring better performance and safety of the plant.

asphalt overview image

Thermo Drum or Dryer Drum

Our R&D team has developed a latest internal flight design that ensures the highest thermal transfer efficiency by transferring uniform heat to all different sizes of aggregates.The drum is equipped with four wheel drive. Preciously machined and surface hardened trunnion rollers & thrust wheels supports the drum and takes care of up-hill and down-hill thrust.

overview image 2

Batching Tower

A Batching tower consists of the following parts

Hot elevator

Totally enclosed, vertically mounted, centrifugal discharge type bucket elevator.
The hot elevator is powered by an 11 kW / 15 kW, 4 pole motor and is supplied with wear plates, electrical / mechanical drives and wiring.
The hot elevator is provided with a roll back arresting device.

vibrating screen

Vibrating Screen

Fully enclosed inclined linear vibrating screens with high quality vibrating screen cloth, contribute to top notch performance. The inclined linear vibrating screen is provided with duplex spring absorbers, and is powered with two numbers of six-pole maintenance free vibro motors.


Hot Aggregates Bin

Four compartments hot aggregate bin with 13m3 storage capacity,overflow and oversize rejection chute,bin level indicators,pneumatic controlled cut off gates and a sampling device on each compartment.Temperature measuring probe on bin no.1.

Weigh section for Aggregates, Filler and Bitumen

Automatic accumulating, weighing type Aggregate weigh hopper, with four point suspension hopper and load cell transducer.

Automatic individual weighing type Asphalt and Filler weigh hopper with four points suspension hopper and load cell transducer.

All weighing hoppers are fitted with proper shock isolation device.


Mixing Section / Pug Mill

Twin shaft, 1500 kg mixing capacity, jacketed pug mill with welded steel shell, lined with replaceable wear resistant spiral liners, provided with a wide opening slide gate for quick discharge of hot mix. Specially designed arms and tips ensure a very homogeneous mix in a short time.


Asphalt transfer pump

A 5.5 kW, 450 Lpm, Jacketed, gear type Asphalt transfer pump is provided for feeding asphalt from the storage tank to the asphalt weigh hopper.

Asphalt Spraying System

A Bitumen weighing hopper is at the bottom hot oil heated and mounted onto three electronic load cells. Via heating, well dimensioned feeding pipe, Bitumen gets distributed via gravity into mixer within seconds thereby homogeneous distribution in mixer is guaranteed.

bitumen heating

Bitumen Heating and Storage Solutions

The indirect heating tanks are supplied with a high efficient thermic oil heater.All tanks are supplied with auto thermostatic controls and level indicators.

control unit

Control Unit

Fully automatic and air conditioned control unit that contains controls for various operations like Power control,sequence control,distribution power control,automatic burner control.The control unit has temperature indications and is totally pre wired.It also includes a very user friendly software.